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unifios-utilities Discord

UDM-Pro Podman UDM-SE Podman

A collection of things to enhance the capabilities of your Unifi Dream Machine, Dream Machine Pro or UXG-Pro.

Custom Kernel

If you want to do a custom kernel with wireguard support, multicast, multipath routing that is now a possiblity. Please see the repo and please use at your own risk. This a much larger change than anything in this repo.


Custom Podman Builds for UDM-SE

Extract the zip to the root of your device! Look at the assets on the Podman workflow.

General Tools


Do this first. Enables init.d style scripts to run on every boot of your UDM. Includes examples to run wpa-supplicant/eap-proxy and/or ntop-ng on startup. Follow this readme.

It enables complete customization of your UDM/P and fills the gap that config.gateway.json left behind.


Updates Podman, conmon, and runc to a recent version. This allows docker-compose usage as well.


Apply this after on-boot-script. Updates container defaults to maintain stable disk usage footprint of custom containers. Prevents logs filling up UDM storage full.


If you need python3 on your UDM, generally not recommended, can always use it in unifi-os container.

UDM Persistent SSH Keys Script

Script to presist ssh keys after reboot or firmware update

VPN Servers / Clients

Name URL Description
wireguard-go Run a Wireguard client/server
WireGuard kernel module Uses a prebuilt linux kernel module, without the need to move to a custom kernel.
OpenConnect VPN OpenConnect VPN Client for the UniFi Dream Machine Pro (Unofficial).
split-vpn A split tunnel VPN script for the UDM with policy based routing. This helper script can be used on your UDM to route select VLANs, clients, or even domains through a VPN connection. It supports OpenVPN, WireGuard, and OpenConnect (Cisco AnyConnect) clients running directly on your UDM, and external VPN clients running on other servers on your network.

DNS Providers

Install a DNS server that functions as a network-wide ad and tracker blocker, and which can also securely proxy encrypted DNS requests to an upstream DNS provider. Begin by following the instructions to setup on-boot-script and dns-common. Then, follow the guides below to setup either Pi-Hole, NextDNS, or AdGuard Home.


Base configuration for DNS server containers, both IPv4 and IPv6. Utilizes MacVLAN CNI plugins to completely isolate the network stack.


Run NextDNS on your UDM with podman.


!Docker Pulls

PiHole w/ DoH Image. Run Pi-hole on your UDM with podman. Also contains custom image for Pi-hole with cloudflared.

PiHole with DoTe

!Docker Pulls

Designed by:

Alternative to mine which uses DoTe


Run AdguardHome on your UDM with podman.

Cloudflare DDNS

Update your cloudflare domains from your UDM with podman.

Cool projects you can use with this

Name URL Description
multicast-relay This is a docker container that implements to provide mDNS and SSDP on a unifi dream machine. It will likely work on any multi homed host.
mqtt-mosquitto Eclipse Mosquitto is an open source message broker which implements MQTT version 5, 3.1.1 and 3.1.
ntopng Much better network stats for your UDM/P! Install this docker container and create an on_boot script to make sure it's always running.
LetsEncrypt Provision and renew LetsEncrypt SSL certs from your UDM/P.
ubios-cert Similar to udm-le, adding different providers for SSL/TLS certificates (LE, ZeroSSL, BuyPass) and DNS API ( currently not supported by LEGO.
Unifi API Browser This is a docker container that implements to provide a graphical tool to inspect the data structures available via the unifi API.Great if you are using the REST API for your own purposes and want to explore.Works with multiple controller versions.
ubnt-auto-fan-speed A shell script with the goal to make the UDM-Pro silenced while still having good thermal values.
rclone Run rclone container with Web GUI for offsite backups.
udm-proxy Run a reverse proxy (using caddy in vlan) on the udm-pro.
Telegram-Notifications On WAN Failover Use telegram bot to be notified of a wan failover with local account

Unsupported / No longer maintained

Name URL Description
suricata Updates suricata to a recent version. Now in firmware
Jumbo Frames native jumbo frame support for the UDM and UDM-Pro is added in the 1.12.13 EA firmware, support for the UDM-SE is not yet announced.