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Makes it easy to translate your resource fields.

:warning: Unmaintained :warning:

Sorry, but I no longer work on ActiveAdmin often enough to justify mantaining this gem. Take it as it is. If you are interested to update and maintain the gem, please let me know! :heart:


gem "activeadmin-globalize", github: 'stefanoverna/activeadmin-globalize',
branch: 'master'

We still need to use GitHub because ActiveAdmin is still in active development and there's no released gem compatible with Rails 4.

Your model

active_admin_translates :title, :description do
  validates_presence_of :title

Editor configuration

# if you are using Rails 4 or Strong Parameters:
permit_params translations_attributes: [:locale, :title, :content]

index do
  # ...
  # ...

form do |f|
  # ...
  f.translated_inputs "Translated fields", switch_locale: false do |t|
    t.input :title
    t.input :content
  # ...

If switch_locale is set, each tab will be rendered switching locale.

Friendly ID

If you want to use Friendly ID together with Globalize, please take a look at the activeadmin-seo gem.


To use the dashed locale keys as 'pt-BR' or 'pt-PT' you need to convert a string to symbol (in application.rb)

config.i18n.available_locales = [:en, :it, :de, :es, :"pt-BR"]

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