An RNN implementation to generate music
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Algorithmic music generation using RNN(Recurrent Neural Networks)

Language used : Python 3.5

The following packages have to be installed before running this code:

  1. Keras version 0.1.0 with Theano as the backend.
  2. NumPy and SciPy for various mathematical computation on tensors.
  3. Matplotlib for visualizing the input.
  4. LAME and SoX to convert mp3 files into other formats such as wav.

Step 1: Converting the given mp3 files into np tensors

Type the following command into the terminal:


This converts mp3 into mono files and then into WAV file, which is stored in the form of np-tensors. These np-tensors are given as input to our LSTM model. By the end of this one can find these 2 files generated "YourMusicLibraryNP_x.npy", "YourMusicLibraryNP_y.npy". "YourMusicLibraryNP_x.npy" contains the input sequence for training and "YourMusicLibraryNP_y.npy" contains the same sequence as that of input sequence but shifted by one block.

Step 2: Training the model

Type the following command into the terminal:


This builds a LSTM model that generates a sequence of notes which is compared against the expected output and the errors are back-propagated, thus adjusting the parameters learnt by the LSTM. You can change the number of Iterations, number of epochs per iteration and batch size by adjusting the following parameters "num_iters", "epochs_per_iter", "batch_size" respectively in

Step 3: Generating the music

Now that you've finished training the model, its time to generate some music:) Type the following command in your terminal':


The generated WAV file is stored in a file named generated_song.wav.

You can further read about the entire procedure involved in generating the music, in the following post that is there on this repository,