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This project is abandoned

I'm starting to use todoman a todo list manager. While it is missing some features I've come to like from watdo, I'm not going to use or develop watdo anymore.


A task-manager for the command line

  • Watdo opens a todo.txt-like file with your favorite editor. Any changes you make to that file will be mirrored to a folder of iCalendar files (vdir) after closing the editor.
  • You can use vdirsyncer to sync your tasks with online services.
  • watdo works with Python 2.7+ and Python 3.3+

Simple usage of watdo

  1. Install watdo with pip install --user git+

  2. Copy example.cfg to ~/.watdo/config and edit it if you need to. Then run watdo from the command line.

  3. Your favorite editor should open.

    The first line of a task contains the summary and some other metadata. It looks something like this:

    My task description due:2014-09-09 @computers id:1

    The date format for the due flag can be either YYYY-mm-dd, YYYY-mm-dd/HH:MM or HH:MM?. It can also be today, now or tomorrow.

    The @computers indicates the task is saved in the calendar/task-list called "computers".

    After this first line, optional lines indented with four spaces form the description field of the task.

    You can mark this task as done by placing a x in front of it:

    x My task description due:2014-09-09 @computers id:1

    Or write COMPLETED instead of the x:

    COMPLETED My task description due:2014-09-09 @computers id:1

    Or really any valid value for the STATUS property in the the iCalendar standard. There is also . as a shortcut for IN-PROCESS. NEEDS-ACTION is ignored.

    If you get the syntax of your file wrong, watdo should allow you to edit it again after showing an error. It's still in alpha though.

  1. Save and close the file. Watdo shows all changes you've made in a basic overview:

    0.  Modify: My cool task => My super-cool task
    1.  Delete: Something useless

    If you don't want watdo to do these things, enter 0 1 and hit enter. You could also hit ^C.

  2. Tasks with the status COMPLETED or CANCELLED are not shown by default. You can view these tasks with watdo -a.


watdo is released under the Expat/MIT License, see LICENSE for more details.


ABANDONED -- A task-manager for the command line.







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