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Cubic Game Framework for the FTE Engine
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Cubic Game Framework for the FTE Engine (Requires FTEQW revision 5424 or higher.)


  • open the console (SHIFT-ESC) and run the following (or just run "map world" and use default settings)
  • "worldname name" (default: world1)
  • "worldsize size" (default: 9 - there is no max, but beware of long generation times)
  • "map world"
  • If the world files don't exist they will generate into /gamedata/data/worlds/worldname and the world will spawn after generation.


Bind Description Default Key Notes
+attack Use Tool mouse1
impulse 100 Tool Size: Cubic 1 1x
impulse 101 Tool Size: Chunk 2 6x
impulse 102 Tool Size: Cluster 3 18x
impulse 110 Tool Mode: Remove Cubic(s) Q
impulse 111 Tool Mode: Add Cubic(s) E
impulse 112 Tool Mode: Copy/Save Cubics(s) C
impulse 113 Tool Mode: Paste/Load Cubics(s) V
impulse 11 Exit Edit Mode X Any impulse will work.

CVAR prefabname

The Copy and Paste tools use a file as a clipboard. This tool works with the Chunk and Cluster size options, and saves to different directories per size. The filename can be set in the cvar prefabname. This tool is intended to save several different prefabs for world generation. The generator is not yet coded to take advantage of these files.

Files of Interest

File Description
server/sv_cubics.qc the major portion of cubic handling on the server
server/sv_cubicgen.qc world generation
server/sv_cubiccollision.qc collision handling
server/sv_attacks.qc projectile collision handling and example code for adding projectiles
client/cs_cubics.qc client cubic handling
client/cs_cubicinterface.qc hud / clientside tool drawing and positioning is handled here
shared_server_client/sh_sv_cs_cubics.qc tools for working with the cubic framework, and general world settings


It hasn't been tested yet, but CubiQuake is designed to be multiplayer.

Known Bugs

  • no known bugs


  • add 'block type' tool setting (texture)
  • add 'block shape' tool setting
  • add ramp shape
  • test multiplayer
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