The best way to start your custom e-commerce on Laravel. You get a ready to clone Laravel installation with a functional shop backend and a DIY frontend.
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eStarter. The beginning of your beautiful, custom ecommerce on Laravel.

What's new?

  • Upgrade to Laravel 5.5 & latest version of BackPack
  • Clients Management (including addresses and companies)
  • Specific Prices for products
  • Cart Rules
  • Orders
  • Notification Templates
  • Users Management
  • Roles & Permissions

All Features

  • Create and organize categories & subcategoires
  • Create attributes and group them in sets of attributes
  • Create currencies
  • Create carriers
  • Create taxes and use them on products
  • Create order statuses
  • Create products and upload product multiple images at once, using dropzone
  • Ability to create product groups
  • Ability to clone a product
  • Add Clients
  • See orders & change order statuses that will notify users via e-mail
  • Add / Edit Notification templates
  • Create users with different roles & permissions
  • Create cart rules
  • Create Specific prices


  • Clone repository
$ git clone
  • Run in your terminal
$ composer install
$ php artisan key:generate
  • Setup database connection in .env file

Do not forget to add in your env file following lines:

  • Migrate tables and seed with demo data
$ php artisan migrate --seed
  • Access it on


In order to use the shop and be able to add products, you must have a minimum configuration:

  • Create at least one category;
  • Create at least one attribute for at least one of these types: text, textarea, date, dropdown, multiple select, media;
  • Create at least one attribute set;
  • Create a tax (eg. VAT).

After creating these, you’re ready to add your first product.

Known Issues

  • Product image uploader - still - not fully responsive

EER Diagram


Screenshots (update soon)

alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text



eStarter is based on Backpack which is free for non-commercial use and $49/project for commercial use. Please see License File and for more information.