OneTimeSharp - C# binding to the OneTimeSecret API.
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OneTimeSharp - C# binding to the OneTimeSecret API.

You can use OneTimeSharp in any of your projects which are compatible with .NET (4.0+) or Mono (2.10.8+).

Current project state is public beta.

Usage example:

using VStepanov.OneTimeSharp;

class Test
    static void Main(string[] args)
        var ots = new OneTimeSecret("YOUR_EMAIL", "YOUR_OTS_APIKEY");

        var generated = ots.GenerateSecret();

        Console.WriteLine(generated.Value); // LR*?us*A(UT*

        Console.WriteLine(generated.SecretKey); // ikzx3m77j5by8411cg5lk5fvfylvl0i
        Console.WriteLine(ots.GetSecretLink(generated)); //

        var shared = ots.ShareSecret("Hello, OTS!");

        Console.WriteLine(shared.MetadataKey); // kd6rgsucl98qbgu9eavjq4k5sdxsom0
        Console.WriteLine(ots.GetMetadataLink(shared)); //