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UPPAAL Sanity Checker
Kotlin Java
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Applying sanity checks to find commonly made errors in Uppaal models


Repository initialization

Clone the repository with the --recurse-submodules argument in order to automatically initialize and update each submodule in the repository (recommended). Or execute git submodule update --init --recursive in the repository after cloning normally to achieve the same.

Environment variables

Set an environment variable UPPAAL_ROOT to the root folder of the UPPAAL distribution (i.e. $UPPAAL_ROOT/uppaal.jar should point to the main jar file). Make sure you use Uppaal version 4.1.22 or higher.

Ensure plugin folder exists

Plugins should be placed in the plugins directory inside Uppaal. Make sure that $UPPAAL_ROOT/plugins/ exists, make it if it doesn't exist.

Available commands

Windows should gradlew.bat instead of ./gradlew
Use Java 8 (due to Xtend compatability issues with new Java versions)


Run ./gradlew build to build the plugin. The plugin can be found build/libs/

Build and deploy local

Run ./gradlew deployLocal to build and copy the plugin into the plugin directory of Uppaal.

Build, deploy and run

To build the plugin, copy it to the Uppaal plugins directory, and run Uppaal afterwards, use ./gradlew runUppaal

IDE setup

The project is set-up using Gradle, meaning that any Java IDE with a Gradle plugin should work.
The base language is Java, however, support for Kotlin (the better Java) is present.


See the wiki

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