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GProc license #31

shizzard opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Denis Fakhrtdinov Ulf Wiger
Denis Fakhrtdinov

I think, GProc is used in hundreds of projects, but i cannot find any information about it's license. Can you give some comments about this situation? Are you planning to attach some LICENSE file to project?
Here is one of the opinions i've found in the net:
"Because I did not explicitly indicate a license, I declared an implicit copyright without explaining how others could use my code. Since the code is unlicensed, I could theoretically assert copyright at any time and demand that people stop using my code. Experienced developers won't touch unlicensed code because they have no legal right to use it."

Denis Fakhrtdinov

Sorry, my fault. Found EPL license.

Denis Fakhrtdinov shizzard closed this
Ulf Wiger

I can make that clearer, though. I just pushed a LICENSE.txt containing the EPL 1.1 license.

Denis Fakhrtdinov

Thanks, i think GProc is more friendly now.

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