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Community support with both pull requests and reporting bugs is welcome.

Review others' work

Before pulling requests or reporting bugs, please check out the pull requests trying to fix the stupid bugs that maybe bother you. Maybe you have better solutions about it, let us know.

Opening a Issue

Bug reports and feature requests are appreciated. However, for how-to questions and non-issues (like issues about React), please use StackOverflow or SegmentFault instead of Github Issues.

Submitting a Pull Request

As you see, UXCore Component is maintained in each project. Pull Request should be submitted in the corresponding component project. Enhancements mentioned below are welcome to help UXCore moving faster.

  • DOCS: typo or missing API/Props, readability enhancement
  • BUG Fix: list in issues.
  • NEW Feature: issues labeled enhancement, if no known issues about this feature, it is best to open an issue to discuss it with the maintainer.