Unofficial API of taxi locations in Singapore
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Singapore Taxi Data Collector and Viewer

Unofficial SDK of available taxi locations in Singapore.

Implemented through the unpublished API of Taxi-Taxi@SG mobile apps.

We are not associated to Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA).

Presentation deck: Uncovering of an obfuscated public API

This repository contains 2 main components:

  1. Server-side component (lambda/) as AWS Lambda functions that does the following: - Parsing and deofuscation of original Taxi-Taxi@SG mobile app API. - Serving of deofcustaed API directly to client. - Collecting of data onto AWS DymamoDB. - Other helpful server-side scripts.

  2. Client-side component (viewer/) as a single-page app - This effective serves as a main working directory before its content is being mirrored to gh-pages/ branch to be served.

Why do we even need server-side scripts

  1. Original API does not have cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) enabled.
  2. Original API is strongly ofuscated. Significant amount of processing needed to deofcuscate: unzip, bit manipulation and string manipulation.