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Golang on DragonFly BSD
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Golang on DragonFly BSD

Work on cgo

There is a problem with cgo, auxiliary C/Go integration, which I'm hoping will be fixed and pushed upstream with plenty of time to review before the Go 1.2 freeze which is scheduled for September 1st.



  • When building with no environment variable, loadlib() in src/cmd/6l/obj.c gets called within main() toward the end of the build process and results in an error on DragonFly BSD, but on FreeBSD, loadlib() doesn't get called at the same place late in the build process. This error which starts out with a call to loadlib() ends within the "if(sym.sym == nil)" block within ldelf() in src/cmd/ld/ldelf.c.
  • Overview of the ld/6l linker.
  • Overview of how cgo works.
  • Overview of how cgo works.


  1. Log in as Root
  2. pkg_radd bash
  3. pkg_radd bison
  4. pkg_radd clang
  5. pkg_radd gcc47
  6. pkg_radd gmake
  7. pkg_radd mozilla-rootcerts
  8. pkg_radd nano
  9. rehash
  10. mkdir -p /etc/openssl/certs
  11. mozilla-rootcerts install
  12. nano /etc/rc.conf
  13. hostname="dfly.example.local"
  14. Ctrl-X, Y, Enter
  15. shutdown -r now
  16. Log in as User or Root
  17. mkdir ~/go
  18. git clone ~/go/
  19. bash
  20. export CC=clang # Optional. Try both with and without this step.
  21. export GO_LDFLAGS="-linkmode external";vidcontrol -h 5000;cd ~/go/;git fetch origin cgo;git reset --hard FETCH_HEAD;git clean -df;cd ~/go/src/;./all.bash
  22. exit
  23. Push fixes to
  24. Repeat steps 20 through 24

64-bit Instructions

  1. Log in as Root
  2. pkg_radd bash
  3. pkg_radd bison
  4. pkg_radd clang
  5. pkg_radd gcc
  6. pkg_radd gmake
  7. pkg_radd git
  8. pkg_radd mozilla-rootcerts
  9. pkg_radd nano
  10. rehash
  11. mkdir -p /etc/openssl/certs
  12. mozilla-rootcerts install
  13. nano /etc/rc.conf
  14. hostname="dfly.example.local"
  15. Ctrl-X, Y, Enter
  16. shutdown -r now
  17. Log in as User or Root
  18. mkdir ~/go
  19. git clone ~/go/
  20. bash
  21. export CC=clang # Optional
  22. vidcontrol -h 5000;cd ~/go/;git fetch origin upstream;git reset --hard FETCH_HEAD;git clean -df;cd ~/go/src/;./all.bash

Improve Instructions

I'll improve the instructions either after cgo is working or after September 1st, whichever comes first.

  • Add system installation instructions.
  • Add per session environment variables.
  • Add go get wingo instructions, including export GIT_SSL_CAINFO="/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt"
  • Add Hello World!
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