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React hooks to generate a calendar matrix (array of weeks and days) given the year and month.
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React hooks to generate a raw calendar matrix (array of weeks and days) given the year and month using date-fns library. This value then can be used for any purpose related to calendar like datepicker and so on.


npm install use-calendar-matrix


yarn add use-calendar-matrix


let [matrix] = useCalendarMatrix(
  (formatter = day => fn(day)),
  (weekStartsOn = 1),
  (daysInWeek = 7)

The Basic usage for this Hook is to generate a matrix of javascript Date value with weeks as the rows and days as the columns by providing both year and month that you want to generate.

import React from 'react'
import { useCalendarMatrix } from 'use-calendar-matrix'

const MyCalendar = () => {
  let [matrix] = useCalendarMatrix(2019, 8)

  return (
      {, index) => (
          {, i) => (

Add some event to change the year and month, and styling to the the components and you'll get yourself something like this: Example

⚠️ Note: Javascript Date starts from 0. So 0 for January and 11 is December.

Optional Parameters

By default the wooks will return an array of Javascript Date value, with Monday as the starting day of the week, and 7 days in a week.

day => formatter(day)

You can add your own formatter function to process the Date value as you wish. For example turning it into an object with specific value with the help of date-fns helper functions.


Starting day of the week, default to 1 (Monday). Needed for date-fns calculation. This value starts from 0 to 6. So, 0 for Sunday, 1 for Monday, and so on.


This value used to generate the total column for the matrix, default to 7. For now there's functionality to generate a matrix for less or more days than 7. So you can't really customize it actually.

Issue and Contributing

Please kindly submit an issue if you have some. I'm glad if I could help. And for now this functionality is all I need. But I've some ideas for later development.



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