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Easy framework for c language
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easyalloc v0.4 Apr 29, 2015
easyconsole v0.4 Apr 29, 2015
easycrypto v0.4 Apr 29, 2015
easyfile v0.4 Apr 29, 2015
easyhttp v0.4 Apr 29, 2015
easylist add function Mar 8, 2015
easymarklang v0.4 Apr 29, 2015
easymath add function Mar 8, 2015
easyopt v0.4 Apr 29, 2015
easyprocess v0.4 Apr 29, 2015
easyserial new version Feb 11, 2015
easysocket new version Feb 11, 2015
easystring v0.4 Apr 29, 2015
easythread up Mar 10, 2015
easytype v0.4 Apr 29, 2015 v0.4.3 May 17, 2015
cleanize v0.4 Apr 29, 2015 v0.4 Apr 29, 2015
easyman v0.4.1 May 15, 2015
easymkf v0.4.2 May 15, 2015
easyrequest v0.4 Apr 29, 2015
easystatus v0.4.3 May 17, 2015
generate v0.4.3 May 17, 2015
uninstall v0.4.3 May 17, 2015

EasyFramework v0.4.3

Little framework created during the study of language c.
easyalloc......: Manager Memory and Customize thread safe malloc
easybenchmark..: Measures the time code
easyconsole....: Large number of functions for the management of the terminal
easycrypto.....: Hash, MD5, AES
easyfile.......: Management file
easyhttp.......: Http get/post, Ftp, Imap
easylist.......: List, Code with priority, Tree
easymarklang...: special xml
easymath.......: Date, Matrix, FFT, etc
easyopt........: Easy way opt
easyprocess....: Info of process,processor,inet etc, easy way pipe,system, cpu speed, internet speed,etc
easyserial.....: Serial port
easysocket.....: Server and client and working for ssl
easystring.....: Working with string
easythread.....: Working with thread, and named mutex
easytype.......: Var type


  • Create man documentation (easyframework easytype easyalloc easybenchmark easyconsole easycrypto)(0.4)
  • resolve man (0.4.1)
  • add fix gcc bug (0.4.2)


GCC version 4.8 could not export some symbols to solve use --fix-dso option with path where ubicate libgcc.a for example
$ ./generate --fix-dso /usr/lib/gcc/arm-linux-gnueabihf/4.8/libgcc.a

In some machines linking with ld not working properly causing the error:"hidden symbol '__stack_chk_fail_local' isn't defined" to solve use --gcc-linker for example
$ ./generate --gcc-linker

(easyalloc )No Bug Reported
(easybenchmark )No Bug Reported
(easyconsole )con_input() for now not support resize screen
(easycrypto )No Bug Reported
(easyfile )No Bug Reported
(easyhttp )No Bug Reported
(easylist )No Bug Reported
(easymarklang )No Bug Reported
(easymath )No Bug Reported
(easyopt )No Bug Reported
(easyprocess )No Bug Reported
(easyserial )No Bug Reported
(easysocket )No Bug Reported
(easystring )No Bug Reported
(easythread )No Bug Reported
(easytype )No Bug Reported



To install it:

$ ./generate
$ sudo ./install

To uninstall it:

$ sudo ./uninstall

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