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CodeNotary JavaScript Client
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CodeNotary JavaScript Client

Global, de-centralized signing of code and other digital assets.

This package provides an easy to use javascript client for the CodeNotary platform.


  • verify digital assets via the Codenotary Blockchain
  • query asset metadata from Codenotary



npm install jsvcn


import Jsvcn from "jsvcn"

const FILE = new File(...);

const jsvcn = new Jsvcn();
jsvcn.verify(FILE).then(({ status }) => {

The verify method always returns with a Promise. If you prefer you can use async-await syntax as well:

async function myMethod(){
 const {status} = await jsvcn.verify(FILE);

It is also possible to verify directly the SHA256 hash of an asset:


The verify command provides a progress callback as second parameter which periodically returns with the percent value of the hashing progress. This is really handy when you verify large files and want to display the progress..

jsvcn.verify(FILE, (progress) => console.log(progress + '%')); uses SHA256 algorithm to calculate and compare file hashes, but this package can also provide SHA1, SHA512, MD5 checksums of the verified file. You can add "checksums" attribute to the config object with an array of checksums you want to get back from the verify method.

const jsvcn = new Jsvcn({checksums: ["sha1", "md5"]});


This software is released under GPL3.

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