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Terminal2Device sharing application for Android. Very simple - using Cling Framework
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Quick Information

@version 1 @since 0.1.b @author vegaasen

How to build MediaSnuggler

To build/test the MediaSnuggler you need the following libaries:

  • cling-core-1.0.3
  • cling-support-1.0.3
  • teleal-common-1.0.13

When these three componentes has been included into your project, you're ready to run the MediaSnuggler-app.

Requirements for MediaSnuggler

Android version

You need version 2.1+.

Who can run MediaSnuggler?

Anyone with an android-device can run MediaSnuggler. Just fire it up, activate it and start remotely accessing your device. Its as simple as that!

Known errors

Note: This list is quite long. Illustrated here in this "small" list:

  • Lacking support for Xbox360. Coming later
  • Something wrong with Win7 Integration. Might be that this is because of "overflow" of information sent to WinPlayer
  • No thumbnails is beeing distrubuted. This will be fixed in a later version
  • Crappy UI
  • No videos shows up, or beeing found when Querying the android MediaStore. Might be something with the contentUri?
  • Application behaves quite slow
  • Refactoring for better readability is needed

More information


Vegard Aasen Mail: Homepage:

Thanks to

. Vegard Aasen - main developer . Teleal - for the great uPnP-framework . Google - for supplying Android <3

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