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Dpostools opensource db

I've been approached by many individuals asking every day (at different hours) to update or add a pool to one or the other coin. I tried to follow and make modifications as soon as they arrived but I failed badly hence this project.

What is this

This contains the data used within the to do everything. Once i update one of the files included in this repo i would just need to rebundle the information in dpostools and deploy it in production.

How do i add one pool?

Please open an issue with the following subject pattern: coin - delegate. When opening an issue it will automatically prompt a body template to fill

How do i update a pool share?

  • Find if there is an issue (even closed one) for that delegate and coin.
  • If not, open a new issue (see above)
  • add a comment to the issue specifying the new reward and if you're the pool operator or not.

I'm a developer. Can I use your data?

Yes At every master commit a travis build kicks in and generates JSON and JS data from the yaml source files. The artifacts are stored in the artifacts branch and are accessible through gitcdn.

For example you can get the lisk pools.json by using services (here)[]..


Updating and maintaining dpostools is time consuming. Consider donating me some coffee.

  • LISK: 9102643396261850794L
  • SHIFT: 16159457535471071047S
  • RISE: 9857707766596718725R
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