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Guild Accounts

Guild-related commands.

Command and Syntax Description Usage
>guildbank [arguments] Displays information for the guild bank. You can also deposit mekos to the guild bank. >guildbank deposit 1000000
>guildbank balance
>guildconfig expneeded <value> Set local xp requirement in order to use >guildweekly >guildconfig expneeded 200
>guildconfig visible <yes/no> Set whether guild should be displayed in >guildtop if possible >guildconfig visible yes, >guildconfig visible no
>guildhouse Displays what tier your guild is. >guildhouse
>guildnewrival Rival yourself to another guild and start fighting over who's best guild! >guildnewrival
>guildprofile Profile of your guild >guildprofile
>guildupgrade Upgrade your guild to increase your >guildweekly multiplier. Consumes mekos from >guildbank >guildupgrade
>guildweekly If you are winning against the guild, you get mekos for the week. >guildweekly