A tool to download files from your FTP/SFTP servers in an organized way.
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Screenshots and more information is available here: http://udayv.com/dakait/

Download files from remote servers and effortlessly manage them.

You have large amounts of large files on a remote server (e.g. a seedbox) and you want to download and stage them nicely. Dakait lets you do that.

You create tags (pretty looking names for local directories) and tag your remote file on a web-interface. Dakait takes care of downloading and staging them for you.

Current Release

Current release version is 0.1.3. It will do what its supposed to do, but it has a long way to go.

Download Now

How to run

You need a configuration file to run Dakait. Modify and rename config.example.json to config.json. This file must reside in the working directory (path where you run this program from).

Once you have the jar file, make sure your server has a recent enough version of java. You can start the server by running the following command

java -jar dakait-0.1.3-standalone.jar

This will start a server and bind to port 3000. Now point your browser to http://server-address:3000/

What are tags?

Tags are an easy way of classifying a file.

Lets say you create a tag called Ubuntu Image and assign it a target images/ubuntu. While browsing the remote server through Dakait's web-interface, whenever you tag a file or a directory with Ubuntu Image Dakait will start downlaoding the tagged file/directory to your <local-base-path>/images/ubuntu Directory. Note that reapplying a tag just initiates a new download, this will change in a future release when Dakait becomes smart enough to detect this.


I really wanted to learn clojure and really really needed a tool like this.

Configuration Options

Dakait understands the following options

config-data-dir (required)

Local directory to cache running state. Tags and tag associations are saved in this directory.

sftp-host (required)

The remote SFTP host. At this time Dakait support sftp protocol only.

private-key (required)

The private key to use to login to the remote server.

local-base-path (required)

Directory to save downloaded files to. The tag target directories will be created under this directory.

sftp-port (optional)

SSH port on remote server

username (optional)

SSH username to use, defaults to the username of the user running the program.

base-path (optional)

The base path to cd into on the remote machine, your session starts in this directory, and you cannot traverse back.

concurrency (optional)

Number of simultaneous downloads. Defaults to 4.



(C) Copyright 2014 Uday Verma

This software is licensed under Eclipse Public License 1.0.