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Note: Vico is now Mountain Lion and higher only. It should now be buildable in XCode again, though the binary run by XCode will still be the one generated by make on the command line. We eventually want to switch to using xcodebuild to build Vico.

Vico is currently being maintained by a single person, so issues won't necessarily be fixed in short order. They should, however, get a timely response.

Instructions for building Vico are in the README.

Two main branches are currently in use:

  • merged—experimental but relatively stable features are merged here. This branch is reset semi-frequently, so please always pull --rebase it and reset to origin/merged when the rebase fails. DO NOT develop off of this branch.
  • master—stable-as-far-as-we-know. This is where feature branches are merged when they're considered ready for broader use. This can be considered a beta channel. It is NOT guaranteed stable in any way, shape, or form.

There are also feature branches, typically with a corresponding issue on the issues page.

There is currently no clear release plan, and we aren't releasing pre-built binaries, alpha or otherwise. The latest available binary is Vico r3132, which is post-1.3.1. You can get it at http://www.vicoapp.com/download.shtml. We'll probably put together a release plan as a set of features comes together that makes it reasonable to do a new release.

Available Work

We're using waffle.io to track available work. Everything in the ready column is available for someone to pick it up if they wish. Commenting on the appropriate issue and letting us know you're looking at it would be ideal.

Things in the backlog column need some further review/investigation. They are still up for grabs, but aren't necessarily ready for development unless you want to put some research work in.


Discussion is currently held at https://discourse.hacklanta.com/ . We're still getting off the ground there, so don't get too impatient if things are a little slow.