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HLS.js v1.0.0 has arrived! Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release and hls.js in general.

New Features

  • Apple Low-Latency HLS support
  • Improved support for redundant variants with tracks
  • Improved support for GROUP-ID audio and subtitle track selection sets
  • Improved support for fmp4 streams (including those with alternate codecs)
  • Chunk-Transfer "progressive" streaming option (experimental)
  • All src modules have been converted to TypeScript

API and Breaking Changes

See the new MIGRATING guide for API changes between v0.14.x and v1.0.0.

Changes Since The Last Release Candidate


  • Fixed PIPELINE_ERROR_DECODE error in streams with AAC segments - #3703
  • Improved end-of-stream handling - #3704
  • IE11, README v1, and Functional Test Fixes #3705
    • Added drift to public API
    • IE11 Functional Test Fixes
    • Updated README for v1
    • Fixed smooth switch stuck in PARSING state edge-case
  • Code cleanup - #3687

What's Next?

The Release Planning and Backlog project highlights issues that are a top priority. Expect to see these in an upcoming minor or patch.

The LL-HLS project is still open. A lot of great feedback came in at the eleventh hour. The availability of sample streams and community contributions will be a significant factor in moving the project forward. The only features not implemented in v1.0.0 are "Hinted Part and Map Preloading" (EXT-X-PRELOAD-HINT). Bugs and enhancements will continue to be added to this project as necessary.

Some have asked when and if v0.15 will be released. While there is a version milestone set and a patch/v0.15.x branch in GitHub for that release, there has been no date set. Work on v0.15 has been paused indefinitely. Please test upgrading to this release. If something is preventing you from upgrading but still a problem in v0.14.x, file an issue explaining why upgrading does not work for you.


Demo Page


To provide feedback please file a bug report or feature request via the issue tracker. For more details on how to contribute to HLS.js, see our CONTRIBUTING guide.