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Vilnius city municipality council votes
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Vilnius city municipality council votes

Votes.csv - actual votes casted by each council member for a question;

Questions.csv - questions that were voted on by the council;

Meetings.csv - council meetings;

Meeting_types.csv - types of meetings.

Vilnius city municipality council salary and expenses

expenses/expenses.csv - Sums of expenses claimed by the council members.

expenses/salaries.csv - Sums of salaries calculated for the council members. Taxes are not excluded since they might possibly reveal if a person is

accumulating his pension in a private pension fund and that's private information.

Salaries are provided from 2007. Expenses are provided from 2015-05-01.

For a quick overview the same data in Google sheets as of November 5th:

Expenses -

Salaries -

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