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An enhanced ctags compatible index generator written in pure PHP. Released under GPLv2 license.
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An enhanced php ctags index file generator compatible with

Using PHP_Parser as PHP syntax parsing backend, written in pure PHP. The generated ctags index file contains scope and access information about class's methods and properties.

This tool was originally developed to enhance the PHP syntax outline surport for vim tagbar plugin. The enhaced functionality has been included into an addon plugin for tagbar as tagbar-phpctags.




curl -Ss > phpctags
php ./phpctags


We currently only support building PHAR executable for *nix like platform which provides make utility. If you are interested in building an executable for other platform, especially for Windows, please help yourself out. It should be easy though (Apologize for not being able to provide any help for this, I am really not a Windows guy), it also would be great if someone could provide a patch for this.

Installation is simple, make sure you have PHP's PHAR extension enabled, then just run make in the root directory of the source, you will get a phpctags PHAR executable, add it to your $PATH, then you can invoke phpctags directly from anywhere.

See phpctags on packagist for more details.



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