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haskell crypto platform


Provide good access to cryptographic primitives and basic cryptographic related primitives (ASN1, X509) from the haskell ecosystem.


  • asn1-types: all the ASN.1 types available for describing an ASN1 stream or objects.
  • asn1-encoding: decoding and encoding binary serialization of ASN.1 types in BER and DER forms.
  • asn1-parse: basic utility to parse an ASN.1 stream.


  • x509-types: X509 certificate and CRL, parsing and type definitions
  • x509-validation: X509 signature, fingerprint and root of trust validation
  • x509-store: a meta object to handle collection of X509 certificate
  • x509-system: all the routine for system dependent handling of X509's CA gathering

Symmetric ciphers

  • crypto-cipher-types: provide basic types to write Stream and Block ciphers classes, with automatic support for basic mode (cbc, ctr, xts) with only a few function mandatory.
  • crypto-cipher-tests: basic functions to derive easy to write block-cipher tests for block-cipher properties and easy testing of KATs (known answer tests)
  • crypto-cipher-benchs: basic functions to derive easy to write benchmarks for encryption and decryption for block ciphers and their different mode of use
  • crypto-cipher-aes: AES support. optimised with AESNI instructions when available
  • crypto-cipher-blowfish: Blowfish support with all possible key size
  • crypto-cipher-des: DES and 3DES support
  • crypto-cipher-rc4: RC4 support
  • crypto-cipher-camellia: Camellia support (128 bit only)


  • cryptohash: Various fast cryptographic hash algorithms and HMAC
    • SHA: SHA1, SHA2 (224, 256, 384, 512, 512t), SHA3
    • Skein: 256, 512
    • RIPEDMD160
    • MD2, MD4, MD5
    • Whirlpool
    • Tiger
    • hmac
  • siphash: fast hashing/MAC for safe hash table.

Asymettric ciphers (i.e. public key)

  • crypto-pubkey-types

    public and private key types to provide RSA, DSA, DH types and basic ECC types with ASN1 serialization, to read and write keys from disk

  • crypto-pubkey : public key implementation

    • RSA support with PKCS15 (encryption and signature), OAEP encryption, PSS signature
    • DSA (Digital Signature Algorithm) support
    • Basic DH (Diffie Hellman) support
    • ElGamal support

Random and pseudo random

Random and Pseudo random generation

  • crypto-random:

    Provide base types for Crypto pseudo random generation, and entropy gathering.

    CPRG trades predictability for a more user friendly interface with better default security.

    Entropy gathering has been adapted from the entropy package, and can gather source of entropy dynamically between different backends. supported backends:

    • RDRand: x86-64 random instruction to provide entropy available in Intel CPU (ivy bridge or greater)
    • /dev/random and /dev/urandom on unixes
    • CryptGenRandom cryptographic random generation on windows

    A System RNG that returns system entropy only is available too.

  • cprng-aes: provide a CPRNG using AES in counter mode.


crypto platform for haskell



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