Multiplayer realtime set card game in nodeJS
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May 2016 Update

Set Enterprises, Inc has been after me for a few years to take down I've sort of lost the willpower to deal with them, so I've just taken down the hosted version of the game and redirected it to here. If you want to play with the code to see how it worked, go nuts. Sorry to any longtime fans. If you're in SFBA, hit me up, let's get coffee:


A certain player wrote in:

Also, so there is someone that I would run into while playing set online who was really really good (the only person to beat me in years - trying not to humble brag but its true). If someone else emails you can you let them know I'm interested in staying in contact?

The suspected time of play was PST. If you'd like to be put in touch (even if you're not sure if you're the particular person being asked after), please feel free to write in!

nodeJS + set

This is a multiplayer, realtime implementation of the popular "Set" card game. It uses to achieve realtime feedback with clients and jQuery for various clientside animations.

After cloning:

git submodule update --init --recursive
npm install

The server runs in dev mode with:

npm run-script dev

or prod (requires sudo for port 80):

sudo npm run-script prod