The VIP's distributed job scheduling platform.
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Saturn is a platform created by唯品会) to provide a distributed, fault tolerant and high available job scheduling service.

Why Saturn?

  • Time based and language unrestricted job
  • Easy job implmentation and web based management
  • Parallel subtask(shard) scheduling
  • 1-second-level scheduling supported
  • Intelligent load based job allocation
  • Fail detection & failover support
  • Statistical data visualization
  • All-around monitoring and easy troubleshooting
  • Multi-active cluster deployment support
  • Container friendly
  • Stand the test of billion times scheduling per day
  • and more

Releases 发布历史

Release notes

3.1.0 is the latest stable release, or checkout the develop branch to try something new and cool.

Documents & Tutorials 文档与教程

Please go to for reading the documents of 3.0.

For the document of 2.x, please come here.

The team 开发团队

The Saturn Wow Team

Cases 使用案例

Organizations using Saturn


Getting help, and helping out 社区互助

WeChat Group: Please add group owner viptech128 (备注"saturn") to join us!

Special thanks 特别鸣谢

Saturn is originated from Dangdang's elastic job, we enhance it according to our requirement and understandings. Special thanks to Zhang Liang@dangdang who give us a lot of help and suggestions.