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node byte string parser
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Bytes utility

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Utility to parse a string bytes (ex: 1TB) to bytes (1099511627776) and vice-versa.


This is a Node.js module available through the npm registry. Installation is done using the npm install command:

$ npm install bytes


var bytes = require('bytes');

bytes.format(number value, [options]): string|null

Format the given value in bytes into a string. If the value is negative, it is kept as such. If it is a float, it is rounded.


Name Type Description
value number Value in bytes
options Object Conversion options


Property Type Description
decimalPlaces numbernull Maximum number of decimal places to include in output. Default value to 2.
fixedDecimals booleannull Whether to always display the maximum number of decimal places. Default value to false
thousandsSeparator stringnull Example of values: ' ', ',' and .... Default value to ''.
unit stringnull The unit in which the result will be returned (B/KB/MB/GB/TB). Default value to '' (which means auto detect).
unitSeparator stringnull Separator to use between number and unit. Default value to ''.


Name Type Description
results stringnull Return null upon error. String value otherwise.


// output: '1KB'

// output: '1000B'

bytes(1000, {thousandsSeparator: ' '});
// output: '1 000B'

bytes(1024 * 1.7, {decimalPlaces: 0});
// output: '2KB'

bytes(1024, {unitSeparator: ' '});
// output: '1 KB'

bytes.parse(string|number value): number|null

Parse the string value into an integer in bytes. If no unit is given, or value is a number, it is assumed the value is in bytes.

Supported units and abbreviations are as follows and are case-insensitive:

  • b for bytes
  • kb for kilobytes
  • mb for megabytes
  • gb for gigabytes
  • tb for terabytes
  • pb for petabytes

The units are in powers of two, not ten. This means 1kb = 1024b according to this parser.


Name Type Description
value stringnumber String to parse, or number in bytes.


Name Type Description
results numbernull Return null upon error. Value in bytes otherwise.


// output: 1024

// output: 1024

// output: 1KB



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