This project contains the docker-compose settings for the full MsViz installation (backend, frontend and db).
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MsViz Docker

This project contains the docker-compose settings for the full MsViz installation (backend, frontend and db). This is a straightforward way to make MsViz run on any OS (Windows, MacOS or Linux).

Alternatively you can install MsViz from its source code:


Copyright (C) 2014-2017 by Roman Mylonas (, SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics.


Install Docker

Linux, MacOS or Windows 10

To run this project you have to install Docker on your computer. You can find installers for the different OS (Windows, MacOS, Linux) here.

Increase memory: In order to make MsViz work correctly it is recommended to increase it's available memory to at least 4 GB. You can change the available memory from the Docker Preferences under the section General. To make MsViz run smoother you are also advised to increase the number of CPUs to at least 2.

Windows 8 or older

In case you are using a Windows older then version 10, you have to install the latest Docker Toolbox.

Increase memory: When using the Docker Toolbox you can increase the memory to 4GB manually by typing the following commands from the Docker Quickstart Terminal. This command also allocates 2 CPUs:

docker-machine rm default
docker-machine create -d virtualbox --virtualbox-memory 4096 --virtualbox-cpu-count 2 default

Download MsViz docker image

You can either download this project as a zip file or clone it using git:

ZIP file

Download and extract ZIP file:

Clone from GitHub

Type the following command:

git clone

Start MsViz image

Open the Docker Terminal and navigate to the extracted Msviz Docker image using the cd command:

cd folder/to/msviz-docker-master

Install and start MsViz application:

docker-compose up -d

Open MsViz in your browser

For Windows machines use

For all other platforms use http://localhost:9001.

Update MsViz

  1. Download and extract the latest version from GitHub.

  2. Navigate to the extracted folder:

    cd folder/to/msviz-docker-master
  3. Stop and remove the old image:

    docker-compose stop
    docker-compose rm
  4. Build and start the new image:

    docker-compose build
    docker-compose up -d