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chore(deps): update all non-major dependencies #9347

merged 1 commit into from Jul 25, 2022


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@renovate renovate bot commented Jul 25, 2022

Mend Renovate

This PR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
@microsoft/api-extractor (source) ^7.28.4 -> ^7.28.6 age adoption passing confidence
@typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin ^5.30.6 -> ^5.30.7 age adoption passing confidence
@typescript-eslint/parser ^5.30.6 -> ^5.30.7 age adoption passing confidence
acorn ^8.7.1 -> ^8.8.0 age adoption passing confidence
core-js ^3.23.5 -> ^3.24.0 age adoption passing confidence
lit (source) ^2.2.7 -> ^2.2.8 age adoption passing confidence
mlly ^0.5.4 -> ^0.5.5 age adoption passing confidence
node-fetch ^3.2.8 -> ^3.2.9 age adoption passing confidence
playwright-chromium (source) ^1.23.4 -> ^1.24.0 age adoption passing confidence
pnpm (source) 7.5.2 -> 7.6.0 age adoption passing confidence
pnpm (source) ^7.5.2 -> ^7.6.0 age adoption passing confidence
sass ^1.53.0 -> ^1.54.0 age adoption passing confidence
unbuild ^0.7.4 -> ^0.7.6 age adoption passing confidence
vite ^3.0.1 -> ^3.0.2 age adoption passing confidence
vitest ^0.18.1 -> ^0.19.0 age adoption passing confidence
vue-tsc ^0.38.8 -> ^0.39.0 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes

typescript-eslint/typescript-eslint (@​typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin)


Compare Source

Bug Fixes
  • eslint-plugin: [no-inferrable] fix optional param to valid code (#​5342) (98f6d5e)
  • eslint-plugin: [no-unused-vars] highlight last write reference (#​5267) (c3f199a)
typescript-eslint/typescript-eslint (@​typescript-eslint/parser)


Compare Source

Bug Fixes


Compare Source



Compare Source



Compare Source

Patch Changes
  • #​3130 1f0567f1 - Export the underlying type of the keyed directive.

  • #​3132 2fe2053f - Added "types" entry to package exports. This tells newer versions of TypeScript where to look for typings for each module.



Compare Source



Compare Source

Bug Fixes
  • Headers: don't forward secure headers on protocol change (#​1599) (e87b093)


Compare Source

🌍 Multiple Web Servers in playwright.config.ts

Launch multiple web servers, databases, or other processes by passing an array of configurations:

// playwright.config.ts
import type { PlaywrightTestConfig } from '@​playwright/test';
const config: PlaywrightTestConfig = {
  webServer: [
      command: 'npm run start',
      port: 3000,
      timeout: 120 * 1000,
      reuseExistingServer: !process.env.CI,
      command: 'npm run backend',
      port: 3333,
      timeout: 120 * 1000,
      reuseExistingServer: !process.env.CI,
  use: {
    baseURL: 'http://localhost:3000/',
export default config;
🐂 Debian 11 Bullseye Support

Playwright now supports Debian 11 Bullseye on x86_64 for Chromium, Firefox and WebKit. Let us know
if you encounter any issues!

Linux support looks like this:

Ubuntu 18.04 Ubuntu 20.04 Ubuntu 22.04 Debian 11
🕵️ Anonymous Describe

It is now possible to call test.describe(callback) to create suites without a title. This is useful for giving a group of tests a common option with test.use(options).

test.describe(() => {
  test.use({ colorScheme: 'dark' });

  test('one', async ({ page }) => {
    // ...

  test('two', async ({ page }) => {
    // ...
🧩 Component Tests Update

Playwright 1.24 Component Tests introduce beforeMount and afterMount hooks.
Use these to configure your app for tests.

For example, this could be used to setup App router in Vue.js:

// src/component.spec.ts
import { test } from '@​playwright/experimental-ct-vue';
import { Component } from './mycomponent';

test('should work', async ({ mount }) => {
  const component = await mount(Component, {
    hooksConfig: {
      /* anything to configure your app */
// playwright/index.ts
import { router } from '../router';
import { beforeMount } from '@​playwright/experimental-ct-vue/hooks';

beforeMount(async ({ app, hooksConfig }) => {

A similar configuration in Next.js would look like this:

// src/component.spec.jsx
import { test } from '@​playwright/experimental-ct-react';
import { Component } from './mycomponent';

test('should work', async ({ mount }) => {
  const component = await mount(<Component></Component>, {
    // Pass mock value from test into `beforeMount`.
    hooksConfig: {
      router: {
        query: { page: 1, per_page: 10 },
        asPath: '/posts'
// playwright/index.js
import router from 'next/router';
import { beforeMount } from '@&#8203;playwright/experimental-ct-react/hooks';

beforeMount(async ({ hooksConfig }) => {
  // Before mount, redefine useRouter to return mock value from test.
  router.useRouter = () => hooksConfig.router;
Browser Versions
  • Chromium 104.0.5112.48
  • Mozilla Firefox 102.0
  • WebKit 16.0

This version was also tested against the following stable channels:

  • Google Chrome 103
  • Microsoft Edge 103


Compare Source

Minor Changes
  • A new setting supported: prefer-symlinked-executables. When true, pnpm will create symlinks to executables in
    node_modules/.bin instead of command shims (but on POSIX systems only).

    This setting is true by default when node-linker is set to hoisted.

    Related issue: #​4782.

  • When lockfile-include-tarball-url is set to true, every entry in pnpm-lock.yaml will contain the full URL to the package's tarball #​5054.

Patch Changes
  • pnpm deploy should include all dependencies by default #​5035.

  • Don't print warnings about file verifications. Just print info messages instead.

  • pnpm publish --help should print the --recursive and --filter options #​5019.

  • It should be possible to run exec/run/dlx with the --use-node-version option.

  • pnpm deploy should not modify the lockfile #​5071

  • pnpm deploy should not fail in CI #​5071

  • When auto-install-peers is set to true, automatically install direct peer dependencies #​5028.

    So if your project the next manifest:

      "dependencies": {
        "lodash": "^4.17.21"
      "peerDependencies": {
        "react": "^18.2.0"

    pnpm will install both lodash and react as a regular dependencies.

Our Gold Sponsors
##### Our Silver Sponsors
##### What's Changed * pnpm rebuild accepts --store-dir by @​chengcyber in * fix(deploy): include all deps by default by @​zkochan in * chore(deps): upgrade nock to v13 by @​mcmxcdev in * fix: log more info on HTTP error by @​zkochan in * fix: document the -r option by @​zkochan in * chore(deps): upgrade sinon to v14 by @​mcmxcdev in * fix(audit): add authentication to pnpm-audit by @​sled in * feat: prefer-symlinked-executables by @​zkochan in * chore: update pnpm-workspace.yaml by @​ayu14214 in * feat: add `lockfile-include-tarball-url` option by @​MBelniak in * fix: auto install root peer deps when auto-install-peers=true by @​zkochan in * fix(deploy): don't modify the lockfile and fail in CI by @​zkochan in ##### New Contributors * @​mcmxcdev made their first contribution in * @​sled made their first contribution in * @​ayu14214 made their first contribution in * @​MBelniak made their first contribution in

Full Changelog: pnpm/pnpm@v7.5.2...v7.6.0



Compare Source

  • Deprecate selectors with leading or trailing combinators, or with multiple
    combinators in a row. If they're included in style rules after nesting is
    resolved, Sass will now produce a deprecation warning and, in most cases, omit
    the selector. Leading and trailing combinators can still be freely used for
    nesting purposes.

    See for more details.

  • Add partial support for new media query syntax from Media Queries Level 4. The
    only exception are logical operations nested within parentheses, as these were
    previously interpreted differently as SassScript expressions.

    A parenthesized media condition that begins with not or an opening
    parenthesis now produces a deprecation warning. In a future release, these
    will be interpreted as plain CSS instead.

  • Deprecate passing non-deg units to color.hwb()'s $hue argument.

  • Fix a number of bugs when determining whether selectors with pseudo-elements
    are superselectors.

  • Treat * as a superselector of all selectors.

Dart API
  • Add a top-level fakeFromImport() function for testing custom importers
    that use AsyncImporter.fromImport.
  • Add a charset option that controls whether or not Sass emits a
    @charset/BOM for non-ASCII stylesheets.

  • Fix Sass npm package types for TS 4.7+ Node16 and NodeNext module resolution.



Compare Source


Compare Source



Compare Source



Compare Source

   🚨 Breaking Changes
   🚀 Features
   🐞 Bug Fixes
    View changes on GitHub


Compare Source

  • feat: updated vite problemMatcher (#​1606)
  • feat: support Vite app preview for Vite v3 (#​1616)
  • feat: support organizeImports in vue-typescript for prettier-plugin-organize-imports (#​1480) (#​1577)
  • feat: avoid takeover enabled with built-in TS extension do not disabled (#​1622)
  • feat: expose vue-tsconfig.schema.json from @volar/vue-language-core
  • fix: fix workspaceTrust description (#​1610)

Breaking changes

  • @volar/vue-typescript, @volar/vue-language-service apis refactored
Our Sponsors


Compare Source

  • fix: path resolution incorrect in multi root workspaces on windows (#​1585)
  • fix: goto definition not working for import path on windows (#​1591) (#​1593)
  • fix: update imports on file move not working (#​1599)
  • fix: wrong check for whether jsx option is set (#​1595)
  • fix: renaming .vue files breaks resolving import paths (#​1125)


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