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Environment Setup

Silvan Heller edited this page May 12, 2022 · 7 revisions

This is a guide on how to set-up your local environment to contribute to and use cineast.


It is expected that you have a JDK installed. We recommend one provided by Open JDK. Please develop on JDK 17+.

Furthermore, you also have to setup the storage layer, CottontailDB. Consult its documentation for setup and installation.


You should now have a running instance of CottontailDB. To install cineast, proceed:

  1. Clone Cineast
git clone
  1. (Optional) Open Cineast with your IDE supporting Gradle (we recommend IntelliJ)

  2. Download external files, such as codebooks by executing

./gradlew getExternalFiles

You're now ready! Proceed with the Getting Started page.