javascript plugin allows to execute any function of javascript code in a thread
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javascript plugin, which allows you to execute a function in a separate thread.

Function can be defined directly in the main thread or called from an external javascript file.

Function can be:

  • Regular functions
  • Object's methods
  • Functions with dependencies
  • Functions with context
  • Anonymous functions

Plugin is built on HTML5 "Web Worker" technology. (old version of the plugin can be found under tag 0.5.7)

  • file size: 3.5k minified / 5.5k development
  • Doesn't have any dependecies.

Basic usage:

  • install with bower
bower install vkthread
  • integrate plugun in your project:
<script src="../vkthread/vkthread.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
  • create function
/* function to execute in a thread */
function foo(n, m){
    return n + m;
  • execute this function in a thread
/* create an object, which you pass to vkThread as an argument*/
var param = {
      fn: foo      // <-- function to execute
      args: [1, 2] // <-- arguments for this function

/* run thread */
   function (data) {
       console.log(data);  // <-- thread returns 3
    function(err) {
        alert(err);  // <-- thread returns error message

Documentation & Examples: ( )