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DOOM translated from C to V. Builds in 0.7 seconds (x25 speed-up).

Current problems that will be fixed asap:

  • All comments are missing
  • #define consts are replaced with their values
  • No indentation in functions
  • Music works fine, but monster and weapon sounds don't

It is possible to translate files one by one and gradually replace C with V. Object files compiled with V have full binary compatibility with object files produced by C, and can be a drop-in replacement:

# Download and build DOOM
git clone
cd chocolate-doom
cmake .
make chocolate-doom

# Build p_enemy.v and replace the object file
v -lib translated p_enemy.v
cp p_enemy.o src/doom/CMakeFiles/doom.dir/p_enemy.c.o

# Rebuild it again with p_enemy.v.o and launch it
make chocolate-doom && src/chocolate-doom -width 640

There are several things that are allowed in translated code:

  • Globals
  • ++/-- expressions and int to bool conversions (for i-- {)
  • Variables can be unused
  • Immutability is not enforced

All of these except for the globals are going to be fixed by the translator:

  • ++/-- expressions will be replaced with statements at the right place
  • unused variables will be removed
  • mutable variables will be marked as mutable.

How to build and run this demo

Preparations (Ubuntu Linux)

  1. Install dependencies

    apt install libsdl2-dev libsdl2-mixer-dev libsdl2-net-dev
  2. Download doom1.wad into ~/Downloads from here. (ref: External links section in this doomwiki page)

Clone, build and run the demo

git clone
cd doom/