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  1. konfig

    Config loader module for Node.js. Automatic, environment specific and dynamic.

    CoffeeScript 98 10

  2. spark-etl

    Apache Spark based ETL Engine

    Scala 61 22

  3. tcp-async

    Typesafe Activator Template for Async IO on TCP

    Scala 32 12

  4. activator-hello-kafka

    A Typesafe Activator tutorial and template for using Scala with Kafka.

    Scala 14 11

  5. node-letsencrypt-lambda

    Forked from ocelotconsulting/node-acme-lambda

    Use AWS Lambda to manage SSL certificates for Lets-Encrypt.


  6. ng-complex

    This project aims to kick start complex angular.js projects, includes ES6 and SASS support.

    JavaScript 18 3

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