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####Personal notes and blogpost

####Technical documentation & bugs below

  1. Facebook authentication doesn't seem to be used anywhere. Calling with the Facebook token seems to return with 'failure validating'. But other requests still seem to work. I'm not sure about this.
  2. I accidentally committed my x-auth-token before. Don't worry, I've removed it and reset my account :)
  3. Not newbie friendly. You might have to understand the code if you ever plan on running this.
  4. Not my best code, coding effort was less than 5 hours in total, definitely would have a lot of bugs if you look for them. This is just proof-of-concept.
  5. Use mitmproxy to capture initial X-Auth-Token and ETAG/If-Modified-Since. A great tutorial on mitmproxy is here. Another reason I do this is because the top-of-stack of recommendations are the ones that have swiped-right you (Tinder logic) And my code does not handle if a match has occured...


Quick automation of tinder swipe-right-all lifehack



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