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Manage my Biolography and convert to web pages.

Uses my pyBib script:

Makefile: Make targets are:
  default or html - create html files


Rough, flush out...
 * Edit appropraite files in src/
 * Commit to git
 * Run 'make' to generate new files
 * Run 'make install' to install new files into ~/develop/www/
 * In ~/develop/www/
 * ./ test
 * Visit and check on result.
 * ./ production
 * Commit to git

==Files to edit==

src/header.conf: Variables used in the rest of the .conf files
src/papers.conf: My papers
src/pres.conf: My presentations
src/reports.conf: My technical reports
src/workshops.conf: My organized workshops

==Templates for generated files==

templates/bib.html.template: template file for bib.html
	  This is a stand alone html document for my professional website.

==Generated Files==

bib.html: HTML file for my work webpage

tmp/master.bib: Autogenerated from all the .bib files below

htaccess.txt: File mapping tags to URLs, intended to be installed as .htaccess