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ACD and Call Queuing: simple call center


This project contains VoxEngine scenario and web interface for web application for call center operators. It uses ACD module to process inbound calls, put them in a queue and forward them to operators serving the queue. This README file describes how to use the provided files to launch the application. The only thing you need to start building your audio conferencing is VoxImplant developer account - you can get it for free at


After you successfully created and activated your VoxImplant developer account you need to login into VoxImplant admin interface and complete these steps to build simple call center with one queue for inbound call processing:

Using the web application

Just upload the file from the WebApp folder to your web server and change ACCNAME variable value in the html file to your VoxImplant account name, then you can log in using users credentials (your specified while created application users in VoxImplant Control Panel). Inbound calls to the phone number you've bought will go to the queue we created and to operators will be serving the queue.