golang package for basic i18n features, including message translation and number formatting
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i18n support for golang applications. Supports message translation with placeholders and plurals, locale-specific string sorting, and number/currency formatting.

Copyright 2014 Vubeology, Inc.

Released under the MIT License (see LICENSE).


Read the full documentation here: http://godoc.org/github.com/vube/i18n


As stated about this golang package is released under the MIT License (see LICENSE).

Third Party Package Licenses

This i18n package makes use of third party packages in addition to the golang standard library and supplemental libraries. This package however does not modify or redistribute any third party package material.

While this i18n package is released under the MIT License, you must ensure that your use of this package also complies with the licenses under which each third party dependency is released.


This i18n package makes use of the launchpad.net/gocheck package, released under a Simplified BSD License. For specific license details, refer directly to the the gocheck package.


This i18n package makes use of the gopkg.in/yaml.v1 package, released under the LGPLv3 License. For specific license details, refer directly to the yaml package.

Call for open source help!

We could use some help. We do however have some guidelines if you want to contribute to our package.

For supplementing locale data:

If you have locale rules data that we are missing, we welcome all additional rules data in our standard yaml format. Please include comments in the yaml on how you sourced the data - AKA, you are a native speaker of a language, you got it from XYZ website, a professional translator provided the data, etc.

When supplementing locale data, you may add a locale who's language uses a set of plural rules that this package does not support. In this case, please add an additional plural rule function to the plurals.go file and add it to the plural rule map.

There is a unit test in rules_test.go that checks loading every single locale in this package. If you are adding a brand new locale to the list, please add it to this unit test.

For fixing bugs:

If you find a bug that you'd like to fix, please include a unit test that validates your work. This test should fail without the fix you provide and pass with the fix you provide.

For new features:

If you've decided to either tackle a feature on our wish list or you have a feature that you need in order to use our package, please provide a minimum of 80% unit test coverge over the code written for this new feature.

A note on unit testing:

We use the launchpad.net/gocheck package in our unit tests. We ask that you also use this package for tests that you write, for consistency sake.