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Compiler not allowing correct usage of <transition-group> keys #5360

petterw03 opened this issue Feb 4, 2022 · 5 comments

Compiler not allowing correct usage of <transition-group> keys #5360

petterw03 opened this issue Feb 4, 2022 · 5 comments


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Reproduction link

Steps to reproduce

Open the reproduction code.

What is expected?

Code should compile and transitions should work fluently when clicking the buttons.

What is actually happening?

It will not compile because of the key property on the group headings:

SyntaxError: <template v-for> key should be placed on the <template> tag.

19 |    <transition-group name="cell" tag="div" class="grid">
20 |      <template v-for="group in groups" :key="">
21 |        <h2 :key="`title-${}`">{{ }}</h2>
   |            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
22 |        <div v-for="letter in group.letters" :key="letter">{{ letter }}</div>
23 |      </template>

Removing the key will throw a warning:

 at <TransitionGroupname="cell"tag="div"class="grid">

This warning is correct, because without a key the transitions will not work as expected when adding or removing items from the groups array.

There are a couple of similar issues (#4718, #5152), but they are not duplicates of this one since they are focusing on the warning when a key is not used. But in this case, a key is needed but the code won't compile, even though it is valid code.

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lidlanca commented Feb 4, 2022

possible workaround sfc

  <transition-group name="cell" tag="div" class="grid">
    <template v-for="group in groups" :key="">

      <template v-if=true >
        <h2   :key="`title-${}`">{{ }}</h2>
        <div v-for="letter in group.letters" :key="letter" class="item">{{ letter }}</div>


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Duplicate of #4718

@LinusBorg LinusBorg marked this as a duplicate of #4718 Feb 4, 2022
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Thank you @lidlanca for the workaround, it works well but is indeed a workaround. As already mentioned, this is not a duplicate since the previous issue addresses the console warning - however the console warning isn't a bug but the compiler error is, and it cannot be suppressed or ignored (unlike the warning).

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lidlanca commented Feb 4, 2022

issues are related and revolve around the same base bug

#4718 expects that there will be no warning, since the fragment is keyed, and it doesn't try to key the fragment nodes.
#5360 based on the same warning, try to address it, by keying individual fragment nodes manually, but fail due to syntax error

However this issue exposes an additional bug

There is technically no reason for key in a child node of a v-for fragment to be considered a syntax error.
especially for multi nodes fragment

this should be valid code

  <template v-for="item in items" :key="item.i">
      <chart :key="refresh[]"></chart>

independent of <transition-group>

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espresso commented Feb 6, 2022


I've been able to remedy this issue by removing the block of code that validates this specific condition.

Line 155 of errors.ts:
[ErrorCodes.X_V_FOR_TEMPLATE_KEY_PLACEMENT]: `<template v-for> key should be placed on the <template> tag.`,

Line 121 of vFor.ts:

        // check <template v-for> key placement
        if ((__DEV__ || !__BROWSER__) && isTemplate) {
          node.children.some(c => {
            if (c.type === NodeTypes.ELEMENT) {
              const key = findProp(c, 'key')
              if (key) {
                return true

Before I make a PR, I just wanted to confirm that this is actually an issue and that simply removing this code is a satisfactory solution.

It looks like this was intentionally added by @yyx990803 back in 2020:

dx(compiler-core): warn on key misplacement
Note: the behavior is different from Vue 2. <template v-for> are compiled
into an array of Fragment vnodes so the key should be placed the <template>
for v-for to use it for diffing.

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