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The future of Vuetify #2240

johnleider opened this issue Oct 19, 2017 · 93 comments

The future of Vuetify #2240

johnleider opened this issue Oct 19, 2017 · 93 comments


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@johnleider johnleider commented Oct 19, 2017

The beginning

When I created Vuetify, it was a personal project meant to help spec out prototypes more efficiently. Only after sharing it with a co-worker was I convinced to release it as an full open-source project. The amazing community and extremely talented developers that I have had the pleasure to be around are what make working on this project mean so much to me. But you cannot have the sweet without the sour. Maintaining the level of activity needed to accommodate the growing needs of the user-base has lead to many sleepless nights and time away from my family.

The transition

With v1.0 around the corner, the pressure is on and has no signs of letting up. After talking with my current employer, we both agree that this is a dream that should not be passed up. Starting on November 1st, I will officially transition my day job to Vuetify. Providing the best possible quality for developers and enterprise users will only be possible if I dedicate 100% of my time to building out the Vue and Vuetify ecosystem. I want to give developers and businesses from around the world a platform that they can use to succeed.

The future

If this project has enabled you or your organization to do great things, I'm calling for your support. In the coming months I will be expanding the reach of Vuetify's community and support network by working with project backers and community members to help fine-tune the underdeveloped areas of the framework. The documentation will be updated with new guides, better examples, more resources and better i18n support.


Some other exciting features on the Roadmap:

  • Front-end component pack 10 new components catered towards enhancing the front-end capabilities of your application (from backers)
  • Back-end component pack 10 new components focused on providing solutions for common issues in dashboard based applications, CRUDs, etc (from backers)
  • Vue/Vuetify video course A video tutorial series for Vue and Vuetify (from backers)
  • Alpha theme A pre-built premium theme made for the front-end
  • Improved and additional free themes I will be improving the current offerings and adding additional templates that are, and will always be, free
  • Improved international support I will be working close with the community to ensure that Vuetify has the best possible support for all languages and locations
  • Improved enterprise support Many Vuetify developers are part of organizations that want to know their investment is going to be supported. We will reach stable version v1.0 in December with additional plans for LTS (long-term support) following

Thank you

These are just a few of the many features and enhancements in store. I cannot wait to share the rest with you in the near future. I want to personally thank you and everyone else for your unwavering support. By whatever means you ended up here, I cannot express to you how grateful I am that you gave Vuetify a chance.

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@sloan58 sloan58 commented Oct 19, 2017

Awesome news, John! Can't wait to see what's coming. Vuetify rocks!

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@donPuerto donPuerto commented Oct 19, 2017

Future is coming ...

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@logaretm logaretm commented Oct 19, 2017

Great news, John. Let me know if you need any help with the "validation" side of things 😄

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@Dantiff Dantiff commented Oct 19, 2017

Awesome! Vuetify rocks!

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@alex-red alex-red commented Oct 19, 2017

Awesome news, and congrats John! Hope to see this project continue growing :)

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@andrewdalpino andrewdalpino commented Oct 19, 2017

Way to fucking go dude

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@KuroroSam KuroroSam commented Oct 19, 2017

Awesome John!

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@miseeger miseeger commented Oct 19, 2017

Brilliant news, John! And I hope this will last for a long, long time in order to have a reliable framework that's going to stay. To have this commitment and view of the future is a very important point to convice bosses using open source like Vuetify. Thanky you very much! 👍

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@tobto tobto commented Oct 19, 2017

good news!

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@leaanthony leaanthony commented Oct 19, 2017


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@cb109 cb109 commented Oct 19, 2017

Wow, this keeps getting better! Wishing you the best of luck on this journey, John! 🙇‍♂️👍

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@MahdiMajidzadeh MahdiMajidzadeh commented Oct 19, 2017

what about RTL support?

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@jdriesen jdriesen commented Oct 19, 2017

That's wonderful news, John.
Question to all colleague devs... which templates (styles) are you using for the moment ?
Do you maybe have some links or inspiration available ?
(I'm a dev, and no designer at all, that's why I'm asking)

To give some more details.
Till a couple of months ago, I was a Bootstrap user.
My fav theme was The Project
A sober, though nice interface, with some attractive stuff for the end-user (like there are the "tabs")
Can we do something similar with Material ? If so, where can I find some examples ?

Thanks in advance for your time to reply,

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@ritvikshandilya ritvikshandilya commented Oct 19, 2017

Excited 💯

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@devatquarxss devatquarxss commented Oct 19, 2017

Vuetify already provides an edge to Vue over other libraries. ;)
Excited 💯
Best of Luck 🥇

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@azaars azaars commented Oct 19, 2017

Way to go @johnleider

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@DanilChugaev DanilChugaev commented Oct 19, 2017

Awesome! You are the best!

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@IamManchanda IamManchanda commented Oct 19, 2017

What about Sass support/port? @johnleider

{ PS: I think I am well experienced in Sass, knowledgeable in stylus and can help }

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@StratusBase StratusBase commented Oct 19, 2017

Awesome news! Congrats!

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@dohomi dohomi commented Oct 19, 2017

great news John!

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@syncai syncai commented Oct 19, 2017

Awesome, vuetify has been awesome so far!

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@ysk8 ysk8 commented Oct 19, 2017

Awesome!, and all is becoming in a dream job for you @johnleider Go for it Vuetify and Vue

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@raul-mg raul-mg commented Oct 19, 2017

Excelent news

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@davidgaroro davidgaroro commented Oct 19, 2017

Awesome! Vue and Vuetify for ever <3

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@holuborhee holuborhee commented Oct 19, 2017

Nice work @johnleider, i will love to see the style also improve so much. For now i still combine Bootstrap 4 with vuetify in order to have better styling.

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@hellosylvee hellosylvee commented Oct 19, 2017


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@alexanderpepper alexanderpepper commented Oct 19, 2017

Thank you for your hard work John! Vuetify has brought much joy to my dev life.

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@wxs77577 wxs77577 commented Oct 29, 2017

Thanks for your working, you are the best! 👍

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@redvisual redvisual commented Oct 30, 2017

Great news!

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@hudarui hudarui commented Oct 30, 2017

thank you! very like your project

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@mitar mitar commented Oct 31, 2017

Is there a plan where backers could give towards implementing a feature? Like bounty source approach?

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Member Author

@johnleider johnleider commented Oct 31, 2017

@mitar Backers have a special channel in discord where they already communicate these requests. There is currently no bounty source but I'm not opposed to it.

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@cncuckoo cncuckoo commented Nov 3, 2017

@johnleider 祝你成功!

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@maslunde maslunde commented Nov 4, 2017

Best of luck! The community needs people like you with that passion and drive!

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@Gregory-Han Gregory-Han commented Nov 5, 2017

I applaud your efforts.

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@adolt adolt commented Nov 7, 2017

Best material designed component framework for Vue.js.

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@ray-winkelman ray-winkelman commented Nov 9, 2017

I'm using Vuetify for a large project, and would love to fix a bug I found in the text field component. It's driving me nuts. I'll pull the source and check out the internals soon.

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Member Author

@johnleider johnleider commented Nov 9, 2017

@ray-winkelman can you head over to ? We can hash it out there.

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@AdnanMoghal AdnanMoghal commented Nov 14, 2017

Great way to go. Looking forward to have best vue material library. Thanks.

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@Heunsig Heunsig commented Nov 15, 2017

Thank you

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@enix223 enix223 commented Nov 16, 2017

Vuetify is an awesome project. Thank you for your great job, john...

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@yoavfish yoavfish commented Nov 16, 2017

Thanks dude! awesome news!!!

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@jzeron jzeron commented Nov 17, 2017

Great things are in store for you, John!! Keep up the amazing work!!

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@ShirazCoders ShirazCoders commented Nov 17, 2017

We need RTL support too.

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@kenng kenng commented Nov 23, 2017

Awesome! looking forwards to use Vuetify soon!

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@tobyhourst tobyhourst commented Nov 23, 2017

Awesome. I have just started developing an app with Laravel + Vuetify and I am loving it so far. Thank you for you great work.

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@dotnet54 dotnet54 commented Nov 27, 2017

great news :) thanks a lot for all contributors, this project has helped us a lot

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@Maxhodges Maxhodges commented Nov 27, 2017

why don't you and the quasar guy partner up? seems a shame to see resources duplicated on two separate projects.

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@Alex-TrioPoint Alex-TrioPoint commented Nov 30, 2017

Great News, The best UI Framework for me, am a beginner and this day marks the start of my Vuetify journey, Anyone out there with good tutorials help a beginner out!.

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@adamelevate adamelevate commented Nov 30, 2017

Been using this a few weeks now and it's also my first time with Vue, couldn't have been luckier to find this framework. Keep up the good work!

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@KodiakSA KodiakSA commented Dec 4, 2017

Amazing framework! I'm.using in a reasonable sized project. Is there a date 1.0 is expected? Would like to upgrade if I have the time.

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@scp-nm scp-nm commented Dec 4, 2017

@KodiakSA - according to the roadmap it will be this month -

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@mrts mrts commented Dec 31, 2017

What about Sass support/port?
{ PS: I think I am well experienced in Sass, knowledgeable in stylus and can help }

@IamManchanda, it would be awesome if you could help! Please take a look at the discussion at the bottom of #2371. In short, @johnleider is willing to support SASS/SCSS if someone takes care of Stylus-to-SASS/SCSS compiling (which is not as scary as it sounds, see discussion).

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@lock lock bot commented Apr 14, 2019

This thread has been automatically locked since there has not been any recent activity after it was closed. Please open a new issue for related bugs. Please direct any non-bug questions to our Discord

@lock lock bot locked as resolved and limited conversation to collaborators Apr 14, 2019
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