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A Lisp in Wonderland (aka. ALIW) is a wiki software written in Common Lisp, to ease the collaboration on editable web pages.

Besides its features you will experience during your visit,

  • Extensible markup language (via meta-sexp),
  • Content caching to reduce markup transformation overhead,
  • Open to further development via flexible interface of Hunchentoot web server,
  • Plain file based - thus platform independent - version control system,
  • Advanced editing, diff'ing (via cl-difflib), history viewing capabilities,
  • Modular user interface structure through CSS,
  • Full-text search availability (via Montezuma)

are some of the relatively major features supported by ALIW.


Before proceding to the next steps, you first need to ASDF-install ALIW tarball.

CL-USER> (asdf-install:install :aliw)

or use the full path of the tarball.

CL-USER> (asdf-install:install "/path/to/aliw.tar.gz")

After installing ALIW tarball successfully, you need to configure some of runtime parameters that act specific to each installation. For this purpose, you need to edit `specials.lisp' file coming with the ALIW tarball.

Besides optional ones, the parameters that you must configure are


After that, you can edit specials.lisp as you wish through your concerns. (All of the parameters in the file are documented.)

Starting/Stopping Server

To start/stop the web server that wiki will run on, you can use START-SERVER/STOP-SERVER functions coming with ALIW package. START-SERVER takes identical parameters with HUNCHENTOOT:START-SERVER.

Pay attention that, you must use ALIW:START-SERVER and ALIW:STOP-SERVER to start/stop the wiki server, not HUNCHENTOOT:START-SERVER. Otherwise, required initialization steps will be totally skipped.

START-SERVER parameters:

(&key (port 80 port-provided-p)
      (name (gensym))
      (mod-lisp-p nil)
      (use-apache-log-p mod-lisp-p)
      (input-chunking-p t)
      (read-timeout *default-read-timeout*)
      (write-timeout *default-write-timeout*)
      #+(and :unix (not :win32)) setuid
      #+(and :unix (not :win32)) setgid
      #-:hunchentoot-no-ssl ssl-certificate-file
      #-:hunchentoot-no-ssl (ssl-privatekey-file ssl-certificate-file)
      #-:hunchentoot-no-ssl ssl-privatekey-password)

To stop the server, just call STOP-SERVER. (STOP-SERVER takes no arguments.)


A Lisp in Wonderland (aka. ALIW) is a wiki software written in Common Lisp.




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