Berlin F2F April 2018

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See CSS meeting page for logistics.


Meeting Minutes

  • Part 1: Typed OM
  • Part 2: Custom Layouts
  • Part 3: Custom Paint, Animation Worklets, Paint API, Typed OM, Worklets

Typed OM

  • Approve URL handling/design
    1. overall structure - generic featureless CSSURLValue class, several independent classes for things that urls can represent
    2. Loading and absolutization timing
  • Reifying style values - everyone happy with the approach?
  • Forwards-compat design choices - like this, or some other method? Or live with the eventual constraints it'll place on CSS design?
  • Which string type? - DOMString, USVString, or CSSOMString?
  • Which Workers to expose to? - currently all, because why not; should we be more selective and only expose when necessary?

Custom Layout

Custom Paint

Animation Worklet

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