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[css-sizing] Incorrect use of the word "compute" in definition of intrinsic keyword values #2708

MatsPalmgren opened this issue May 27, 2018 · 3 comments


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MatsPalmgren commented May 27, 2018

The min-content and max-content values are defined as "otherwise compute to the property’s initial value". I read that as "otherwise (in the block-axis) the computed value of this property is the property’s initial value". This is not what UAs actually implement and would be problematic to implement since it would introduce a dependency on the writing-mode property. For example:

<div style="height: min-content">
  <div  style="height: inherit"></div>

The spec suggest that the inner element should inherit the value auto. This seems wrong to me, it should inherit the value min-content (and this is what UAs currently implements).

I suggest you reword it as "otherwise the used value is the property’s initial value".

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fantasai commented May 29, 2018

Well, the used value is a length, so we'll have to word it some other way...

tabatkins added a commit that referenced this issue Jun 13, 2018
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tabatkins commented Jun 13, 2018

Agenda+ to confirm that (a) the behavior change is desirable, and (b) that our edits (switching to "behaves as") are satisfactory.

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css-meeting-bot commented Jun 27, 2018

The Working Group just discussed Incorrect use of the word "compute" in definition of intrinsic keyword values, and agreed to the following:

  • RESOLVED: change to "behave as" instead of "compute"
The full IRC log of that discussion <dael> Topic: Incorrect use of the word "compute" in definition of intrinsic keyword values
<dael> github:
<dael> fantasai: Changes are ^
<dael> fantasai: The min content and max content keywords and that type are currently defined to behave as property initial value if spec in block axis.
<dael> fantasai: Spec says they compute to property initial value so auto on height or none or max-height.
<dael> fantasai: Mats would prefer it to say "bahevs as" rather then "computes to"
<dael> fantasai: TabAtkins and I have no strong opinion. Up to impl.
<dael> s/bahevs/behaves
<dael> fantasai: Example from Mats is if you explicitly inherit height and gave one of these keywords you should get that keyword. Makes sense, but can't imagine anyone inheriting height.
<dael> dbaron: Issue is impl have to impl what spec says and that can be a pain to do
<dael> florian: If no real use case and simplier thing to impl, why not?
<dael> dbaron: Note one interesting point that request is the opposite of the request a few issues ago.
<dael> fantasai: Yep
<emilio> is a broken site for inheriting height fwiw :-)
<dael> dbaron: Maybe figure out underlying principle. Maybe if it's a property that effects type of boxes.
<dael> Rossen_: Any reasons to not word it as "behaves as"?
<dael> Rossen_: I sympathize with Mats and having dependency between properties when computing the value of others is usually a thing to avoid. By not being a strict as current wording it at least doesn't explicitly say this is what it is.
<dael> Rossen_: We're not fixing issue by changing wording
<dael> Rossen_: For current sizing spec, are we okay make the change to "behave as" instead of "compute"
<dael> Rossen_: Objections?
<dael> fremy: Wasn't change to revert?
<dael> Rossen_: revert what?
<dael> fantasai: Resolution asked is to accept the change
<dael> florian: Reverse is earlier issue
<dael> Rossen_: I said change to behave as instead of compute.
<dael> RESOLVED: change to "behave as" instead of "compute"

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