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Data on the Web Best Practices Working Group (dwbp)

This is the repo for the Data on the Web Best Practices Working Group.

Issue tracking is disabled in this repo. If you have comments on anything you see here, please send mail to [archive] (members of the WG should use the regular WG mailing list.

The repo includes editors' drafts of the deliverables and notes of the Working Group. Take a look at the charter for more details and the complete list of deliverables of the Working Group.

To see action, visit

The chairs of the group are Yaso, Hadley Beeman, Deirdre Lee and Steve Adler.


In order to keep everything synced and updated, these steps are recommended to configure a remote repository for your fork.

Configuring upstream

Run $ git remote -v to list the current remote repository.

If there is only the origin repository configured, it's necessary to specify a new remote upstream that will be synced with the fork.

$ git remote add upstream

After that, the upstream will be listed on the remote list.

This is a one-time setup procedure.

Keeping the repository synced

$ git fetch upstream
$ git checkout gh-pages
$ git merge upstream/gh-pages


This is the repo for the Data on the Web Best Practices Working Group.



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