Factory class that takes string arguments to build and return a Monolog handler
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Very basic and light Dependency Injector Container for Monolog

Helps create the following handler

  • Cube
  • RotatingFile
  • ChromePHP
  • Syslog
  • Socket
  • MongoDB
  • CouchDB
  • HipChat
  • PushOver
  • ZendMonitor
  • Stream
  • Redis

from 2 strings : <handlerName> <comma-separated list of arguments>

The second argument will be split, and pass to the handler __construct().


Download and include the MonologInit class in your code, or install it via Composer.

Usage example :

$logger = new MonologInit('Cube', 'udp://');

To pass more than one parameter, separate them with a comma

$logger = new MonologInit('Cube', 'udp://,0,1');

And use it like that :

$logger->getInstance()->addInfo('hi ! This is my first log');

Where to use

This container is usefull for creating remote log, for instance via CLI, where you can't pass object.

There is already a SymfonyBundle that does the same thing, but it's … very heavy.