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Waggle System

A very high level view of the pieces of this project are:

  1. Node Controller. This is the Linux-based brain for a sensor node. Currently, we are using a ODROID C1+ single-board computer to be the Node Controller. In addition to a mostly stock Linux, the Node Controller has waggle's communication libraries, extra resilience features, and support for in-situ processing. Node-controller Code Repository

  2. The WagMan system management board for managing a sensor node. This is the failsafe for the node. It can power-cycle components, detect when the waggle node is too hot, etc. Wagman Code Repository

  3. The Waggle Sensor Boards (sensors) Sensor Code Repository

  4. The Cloud-based software (Beehive) Beehive Code Repository

  5. The In-situ Computing (Edge Processor) Edge Processor Code Repository