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bcs-perl(perl implementation of BonCasServer)
This is an abridged document for non-Japanese user.

*What's this?
perl implementation of BonCasServer.

BonCasServer is a server tool for BonCasLink(SmartCard sharing over TCP/IP).
cf. (may written only in Japanese language)

- libpcsc-perl(Perl interface to the PC/SC smart card library) and dependencies.

This code assume to use the reader "NTT-ME SCR3310-NTTCom"(id string is "SCM SCR 3310 NTTCom [Vendor Interface] (21120651345180) 00 00").
If bcs-perl cannot find pcsc card reader when you start it,please check about it.

MIT License

walkure at

The author of BonCasLink has no relation with this product :)