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  • Mesa, AZ


forked from pallets/flask

A microframework based on Werkzeug, Jinja2 and good intentions

Updated Sep 8, 2013


forked from getpelican/pelican

Static blog generator in Python, using Markdown/reST syntax

Updated Jan 24, 2013

JavaScript 0 1,345


forked from etsy/statsd

Simple daemon for easy stats aggregation

Updated Nov 12, 2012

Python 0 11


forked from zebrafishlabs/fastly-python

A Python client library for Fastly.

Updated Sep 2, 2012

Python 2 7


forked from elcodo/django-registration-invitationcode-backend

Register using valid invitation code backend for django-registration

Updated Jul 14, 2012


forked from WordPress/WordPress

WordPress, Git-ified. Synced via SVN every 15 minutes, including branches and tags!

Updated Jun 25, 2012


forked from simplethemes/skeleton_wp

Skeleton is a simple, responsive WordPress theme based on the Skeleton Boilerplate. It has several useful shortcodes, such as tabs, toggles, cross-browser CSS3 buttons, and layout columns. It also includes a bbPress skin/stylesheet and sample child theme.

Updated Jun 15, 2012


HTML + CSS + JS Small responsive template

Updated May 28, 2012

CoffeeScript 0 338


forked from dropbox/zxcvbn

realistic password strength estimation

Updated Apr 10, 2012

Python 1 2


forked from alaiacano/pycube

A python client library for updating cube pages

Updated Mar 28, 2012

Python 0 4


forked from mikebrittain/librato

Librato Metrics python API fork

Updated Mar 26, 2012

Python 0 20


forked from fastly/fastly-py

Fastly Python Client

Updated Mar 19, 2012

JavaScript 1 310


forked from abourget/gevent-socketio

Official mirror, original repos can be found at Bitbucket

Updated Mar 18, 2012

JavaScript 1 1,298

forked from socketio/

Sockets for the rest of us

Updated Mar 16, 2012

JavaScript 1 0


Debian packaging of Graphite Webinterface

Updated Feb 24, 2012

Python 1 60


forked from GoodCloud/django-zebra

Forms, widgets, template tags and examples that make Stripe + Django easier.

Updated Feb 20, 2012

Ruby 1 3


redis chef cookbook - automatically installs and configures redis

Updated Jan 31, 2012


forked from github/github-services

Official GitHub Services Integration - You can set these up in your repo admin screen under Service Hooks

Updated Aug 9, 2011

Perl 1 2


forked from sivy/activity-streams-perl

Activity Streams Library for Perl

Updated Aug 17, 2010

Perl 1 1


forked from sivy/Salmon

A "lightweight, robust mechanism for digitally signing nearly arbitrary messages, along with a basic public key infrastructure for discovering the signing keys." An implementation of the Magic Signatures from the Salmon protocol. (See README)

Updated Aug 6, 2010

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