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A react-native library for obtaining current device orientation


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A react-native library for obtaining current device orientation

###Getting Started

  • Run npm install --save react-native-orientation-listener


  • Open your Xcode project, and select your project in the Project Navigator tab
  • Right click the Libraries folder and select "Add files to [your project]"
  • Add RCTOrientationListener.xcodeproj from your node_modules folder
  • Click your main project icon back in the Project Navigator to bring up preferences, and go to the Build Phases tab.
  • Click the + button underneath Link Binary With Libraries section.
  • Add libRCTOrientationListener.a


  • Open /android/settings.gradle
  • Replace include ':app' with:
include ':com.walmartreact.ReactOrientationListener', ':app'
project(':com.walmartreact.ReactOrientationListener').projectDir = new File(rootProject.projectDir, '../node_modules/react-native-orientation-listener/android')
  • Open android/app/build.gradle
  • Add the following under dependencies:
compile project(':com.walmartreact.ReactOrientationListener')
  • Open your file under android/src
  • Import the lib using import com.walmartreact.ReactOrientationListener.*;
  • Add the following after .addPackage(new MainReactPackage()):
.addPackage(new ReactOrientationListener())


Import the library:

var Orientation = require('react-native-orientation-listener');


This method will return the current orientation and device string in the form of a callback:

    (orientation, device) => {
      console.log(orientation, device);


This method will add a listener that will call the callback anytime the device orienatation changes:

_setOrientation(data) {
    orientation: evt.orientation,
    device: evt.device


This method removes the listener you added in componentDidMount:

componentWillUnmount() {