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Instagram API client for React Native without react-native link.
This client not use NativeModule, only pure javascript.
So this don't use react-native link and Expo can also easily use Instagram API without auth0 and server.

And also offer login button,so that is easily login Instagram.
Button is customizable, and including login webview.

Checkout example.


npm install react-native-simple-instagram --save


  • Not use NativeModules, only pure javascript
  • Simple API client
  • Just put a button to login
  • Customizable login button
  • Compatible with SafeAreaView


demo gif

InstagramLoginButton props

Name Type Default Description
type string TouchableOpacity TouchableOpacity or TouchableHighlight or TouchableWithoutFeedback
children React.Component
clearCookies bool false clear WebView cookies
callbackUrl string(required) null Instagram application callback url
responseType string token token or code. if responseType === token, requires clientSecret.
scope array ['basic','public_content'] check this document
headerColor string '#f7f7f7' Webview's modal and SafeAreaView backgroundColor
onPress func (e) => {} Called when login button on Press
onGetAccessToken func ({oauth_token,oauth_token_secret}) => {} Called when get access token
onClose func () => {} Called when press close button
onSuccess func (user) => {} Called when logged in and get user account
onError func (e) => {} Called when on error
renderHeader func (props) => React.Component If you use original Header Component,use this props

Client API

  • intagram.setClientId(client_id,client_secret) - set application id and secret.
  • intagram.setAccessToken(access_token) - set user access_token, when you already have access_token.
  • intagram.getLoginUrl(callback_url,response_type,scope) - get login url for authorize app.
  • intagram.getAccessToken(code) - if reponse_type = code, you must call this.
  • intagram.api(method,endpoint,parameters) - call intagram api.
  • intagram.get(endpoint,parameters) - call intagram get api.
  •,parameters) - call intagram post api.

Other API

  • decodeHTMLEntities
import { decodeHTMLEntities } from 'react-native-simple-instagram'

console.log(decodeHTMLEntities("& ' ' / ' / < >   ""))

Tweet is include htmlencoded characters.
So this function decode special characters.

  • getRelativeTime
import { getRelativeTime } from 'react-native-simple-instagram'

console.log(getRelativeTime(new Date(new Date().getTime() - 32390)))
console.log(getRelativeTime("Thu Apr 06 15:28:43 +0000 2017"))

Tweet created_at convert to relative time. ex) 1s 15m 23h


If you like this library, please donate me.

  • BCH -> qre56em7z47p38rz3wktter2eyaww48qnqmyq4j386

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