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Watir Website

The Watir Website is generated from the code in this repository using Jekyll

The code is in the source branch, and updates to it are built by Travis CI and the resulting static site files are stored in the master branch, which Github serves for us.


Please help us keep our examples and tutorials up to date. These guides can be found in the _guides directory

Do you have Watir specific information you'd like to share? Create a post in the _posts directory

If you know Jekyll / HTML / CSS and would like to help improve our site's look and feel, by all means contact us.

Example Pages

HTML used for Watirspecs is mirrored on the Watir site in the /examples directory To update this code with the latest in the watir repository:

$ git remote add -f -t master --no-tags watirhtml
$ git rm -rf examples
$ git read-tree --prefix=examples/ -u watirhtml/master:spec/watirspec/html